Local community Ribnik

Registrar: Bosiljka Jokić
President of the LC Council: Draženka Savanović
Address: Rade Jovanića bb
Phone: 050 / 431-022

The local community of Ribnik is located in the valleys of the rivers Sana and Ribnik, below the slopes of the mountains Šiša and Dimitor, on an area of ​​146 km² and an average altitude of 600 m.

The following settlements belong to the local community of Ribnik: Gornji Ribnik, Donja Slatina, Gornja Slatina, Velije, Velijašnica, Sredice, Busije; Macanovići and Crkveno.

The population in the area of ​​this local community is engaged in agriculture, forestry, and in recent times, tourist activities are developing.

The road Baba Ruža - Ribnik and a number of local roads pass through the territory of this local community.