Local community of Vrbljani

President of the LC Council: Marko Babić

Address: Donji Vrbljani bb
Phone: 050 / 480-300, fax: 050 / 489-109

The local community of Vrbljani stretches below the mountains of Ovčara and Dimitor, on the left bank of the river Sana, on an area of ​​126 km² and an average altitude of 800 m.

The following settlements belong to the local community of Vrbljani: Donji Vrbljani and Gornji Vrbljani.

The population in the area of ​​this local community is mainly engaged in agriculture and wood processing.

A local road that connects with the village of Medna in the municipality of Mrkonjić Grad passes through the territory of this local community.