Local community of Sitnica

Expert associate for LC affairs: Vladimir Mackic
Registrar: Novak Stojic
President of the LC Council: Slavko Pejić

Address: Sitnica bb
Phone: 050 / 421-049

The local community of Sitnica is spread mostly on the plateau of Manjača, on an area of ​​126 km² and an average altitude of 800 m. The following settlements belong to the local community of Sitnica: Čađavica, Sitnica, Stražice; Gornje Ratkovo, Donje Sokolovo and Gornje Sokolovo.

The population in the area of ​​this local community is mainly engaged in agriculture, mainly livestock (sheep and cattle). Landscapes on the Manjac plateau are conducive to these activities because most of the area is under pastures.

The Banja Luka - Ribnik road, the Jajce - Bihać highway, as well as a number of local roads pass through the territory of this local community.