National Library

Director: Svjetlana Vračar, prof.

The Ribnik Public Library started operating in 2006. It functions and is financed by the funds of the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Municipality of Ribnik, as the founder. It is located in the building of the Municipality of Ribnik and has working hours from 7 to 15 hours.

Currently, the library has about 13,411 books, or about 5,940 titles.

The number of readers is about 900, and they are mostly students of primary schools and the high school center in Ribnik, but also other citizens of the municipality of Ribnik.

In addition to its main activity, the public library organizes promotions and gatherings with writers from the Republic of Srpska and the surrounding area.

In the coming years, it is planned to increase the book fund and improve the conditions for the work of the library to the satisfaction of all readers and members of the public library Ribnik.





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