The Republic Administration for Geodetic and Property-Legal Affairs

Head of the regional unit: Vladan Vidović

The Republic Administration for Geodetic and Property-Legal Affairs performs administrative and other professional tasks related to: survey and establishment of real estate cadastre, renewal of real estate survey and cadastre, maintenance of survey and real estate cadastre, cadastre of communal devices except for tasks transferred by law to units local self-government, cadastral classification and land rating, mapping of the territory of the Republic, keeping technical archives of original plans and maps, basic geodetic works, professional supervision of surveying and real estate cadastre, land cadastre, cadastre of utilities, land consolidation and land surveying for special needs, property and other real property relations on state-owned real estate, property-legal relations on land and buildings, expropriation, usurpations, agrarian relations, termination of state property, establishment of previous property-legal relations on state-owned land - denationalization, evide information on real estate and real estate rights, property-legal affairs related to real estate on which the Republic has the right to dispose, supervisory, normative-legal and analytical affairs and other affairs in accordance with the law.







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