Tax Administration

Head of the Regional Unit: Nedjo Stojakovic

The basic task of the Tax Administration is to consistently, impartially and efficiently collect public revenues and thus serve the Republika Srpska and its citizens.

The Law on the Tax Administration regulates a single procedure in the application of material tax laws, and the Tax Administration of the Republika Srpska is given the authority to implement all tax laws.

The essence of the new approach that the Law on Tax Administration brought to the tax system of the Republic of Srpska is the principle of self-declaration. This means that it is the legal obligation of taxpayers to report their obligations themselves in the manner and within the deadlines prescribed by the Law on Tax Administration or the substantive tax law.

The organization of the Tax Administration of the RS has established organizational units that deal with education, information and assistance to taxpayers, calculation control, tax collection, investigation and other activities related to the application of these regulations.

The Ribnik Regional Unit, as an integral part of the RS Tax Administration, performs: receipt and processing of documents related to the registration of taxpayers, receipt of tax returns and verification of their formal correctness, preliminary entry of obligations from returns, assistance to taxpayers in exercising their rights and enforcing tax obligation; educating and informing taxpayers regarding their rights and obligations in the field of taxes.







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